Sunday, March 8, 2015


I love planning things, always way to far in advance. One thing I am just so excited for and can't stop trying to plan every detail of it Watershed! If you don't know what that is, it's a 3-day country music festival in Washington. Last year was my first year, and there are so many things I learned that I need to do differently this year.

1. Sleeping: Last year we thought that just having a comforter under us would be enough. . .IT WAS NOT! Pretty much camping in in the middle of a giant wheat field that isn't all that flat. Because of this I was looking into what could help. The two options I found were a blow up mattress or a sleeping pad. I looked both up and found out that a blow up mattress would be way cheaper, and probably much more comfortable. I found some full sized ones for only $20!!

2. Food: Keeping food good was a little bit of a struggle last year. First of all, we had two coolers, one for beer and one for food. I wanna say it was 90 degrees during that weekend, but could have been 80, either way, we needed two bags of ice a day, and at a festival they can charge whatever price they want, in this case $5 a bag. So, yes, we spent $10 a day just between me and my boyfriend. This year if possible I want to bring a generator and a mini fridge. My new roommate, Halle, said her dad has a few, and would probably let us borrow one, so fingers crossed. This would make everything a lot easier. Otherwise, packing less food is better. We over-exaggerated the amount of snacked we would be eating. I've been looking on Pinterest for some ideas.

3. People: Last year, I didn't even think to see who was going. Afterwards I found out that so many of my high school friends went, who I haven't seen since, well, high school. It would have been great to meet up with them. So this year, FIGURE OUT WHO IS GOING! Also I'm really hope my friend Ashlyn can get a ticket.

Watershed isn't until July 31st, but I am so excited!
Other things I'm trying to plan are:
1. A trip to Vegas, either in may, or sometime during the summer
2. A road trip to the Grand Canyon, and hiking down. My roommate mentioned that there is a 100 mile hike through, but I'm having problems finding information about it.

Also. . . My trip to California is coming up! Which I am always excited about.


Friday, March 6, 2015

Canon EOS Rebel T5i round one

So while my boyfriend was in class the other day, I decided to use his camera he rented from the library. This time it was a Canon EOS Rebel T5i, and used a 18-55mm lens. Here are some of my favorites from the day. Mostly furry friends.

I turn 21 April 4th, and told my mom that 21st birthdays are kinda a big deal. . . HINT HINT buy me a nice camera. Hahah. But she has also been wanting a nice Digital SLR camera for quite a while, so we shall see. . .Probably not going to happen, but a girl can dream, right?


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hog Lake Hike

Okay so hike number two of the year was actually two weeks ago on February 21st. Of course my boyfriend rented a camera from the school library and took it with us, which I realized I REALLY need to start taking advantage of as well. They have some really nice ones.

Although this hike was rather short, it was fun and the views were amazing. Need to come back again later in the year!

Me and Ash, and Levi and Shadow. This was the first hike since Levi got Shadow.

The waterfall that we climbed up!

Me just being adorable! Saying "Take my picture! Take my picture!"

And here is us taken by Ashlyn with my iPhone. 

So our weekly routine tends to be Tennis every Monday and Wednesday, sometimes Friday, and hikes Saturday mornings/afternoons. And that works for me! 


Friday, February 20, 2015


Just had a huge burst on energy today, since I don't have classes Fridays I needed to be somewhat productive. I did get to register for classes this morning at 7 AM! 

My boyfriend has been renting really nice cameras from the campus library, so today we went on a small walk. Here are some pictures, it was pretty overcast today.

When we got back I cleaned my entire apartment and rearranged my living room. Not sure if my roommates dig it, but it will grow on them.

Things to do:
Start going on Tumblr again! I just went on mine for the first time in a LONG time, and let me just say... IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Take a look for yourself HERE!

Finish the weave wall hanging I started! This one just needs to be done by the time I go home next, so I can give it to my mom. It is my first one, and the colors seem a little odd to me, but I'm just using the ones the kit came with. We will consider it a practice one. You can get a kit HERE!
I know there are quite a few flaws, the most obvious one is the fact that it is too tight at the bottom. Ooops.

Find new music and make new playlists on Spotify, I would love some suggestions, I listen to just about everything. 

Tomorrow we are going on a 5 mile hike with 1700 ft elevation gain! I'm pretty stoked about it. Pictures will be posted sometime this weekend.


Monday, February 16, 2015

First Hike of the Year, Dishman Hills!

As part of my New Years Resolution, I decided to make a list of 30 hikes I want to do this year. Since the weather is finally getting above 40 degrees today I was able to go on my first hike of the year!

I went with my boyfriend, his roommate (good friend of mine), and my two roommates.

We ended up going just under 5 miles with a elevation gain of about 700 ft, so it wasn't that difficult, but was extremely fun, and a great bonding experience with our newest roommate Halle! 

I'm so excited to do more! Hiking really changes the way I look at things even while driving home, on a freeway I have driven over 100 times, I noticed things I haven't before. Might just have to change those 30 hikes to 100 hikes. We shall see.

If anyone in Washington State has any totally awesome hiking spots let me know!!


Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Beginning of Something Great!

I have recently became very into the wonderful world of blogging.
Some of my favorite blogs at the moment are:
Design Love Fest
This is a great page with lots of awesome giveaways, recipes, and design and travel inspiration. She has had some awesome travel adventures, including her trip to Tulum, Mexico! I make sure to visit Design Love Fest at least 5 times a week, I'm absolutely obsessed.
The Roasted Root

There are so many blogs out there and so much inspiration! I am currently a junior in my college career and without a job this quarter I have a lot of extra time on my hands, so vamonos!