Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hog Lake Hike

Okay so hike number two of the year was actually two weeks ago on February 21st. Of course my boyfriend rented a camera from the school library and took it with us, which I realized I REALLY need to start taking advantage of as well. They have some really nice ones.

Although this hike was rather short, it was fun and the views were amazing. Need to come back again later in the year!

Me and Ash, and Levi and Shadow. This was the first hike since Levi got Shadow.

The waterfall that we climbed up!

Me just being adorable! Saying "Take my picture! Take my picture!"

And here is us taken by Ashlyn with my iPhone. 

So our weekly routine tends to be Tennis every Monday and Wednesday, sometimes Friday, and hikes Saturday mornings/afternoons. And that works for me! 


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