Friday, February 20, 2015


Just had a huge burst on energy today, since I don't have classes Fridays I needed to be somewhat productive. I did get to register for classes this morning at 7 AM! 

My boyfriend has been renting really nice cameras from the campus library, so today we went on a small walk. Here are some pictures, it was pretty overcast today.

When we got back I cleaned my entire apartment and rearranged my living room. Not sure if my roommates dig it, but it will grow on them.

Things to do:
Start going on Tumblr again! I just went on mine for the first time in a LONG time, and let me just say... IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Take a look for yourself HERE!

Finish the weave wall hanging I started! This one just needs to be done by the time I go home next, so I can give it to my mom. It is my first one, and the colors seem a little odd to me, but I'm just using the ones the kit came with. We will consider it a practice one. You can get a kit HERE!
I know there are quite a few flaws, the most obvious one is the fact that it is too tight at the bottom. Ooops.

Find new music and make new playlists on Spotify, I would love some suggestions, I listen to just about everything. 

Tomorrow we are going on a 5 mile hike with 1700 ft elevation gain! I'm pretty stoked about it. Pictures will be posted sometime this weekend.


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